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99 cent ebook promotion

For a limited time I Call Myself Earth Girl is available in all ebook formats, including Kindle and Nook for only 99 cents! Please buy a copy and let me know what you think. Here are excerpts from some of the … Continue reading

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And Yet…

Saturday, September 21st was the International Day of Peace. I celebrated it with a group of like-minded folks who gathered at The First Parish Church in Concord, Massachusetts. It was a lovely event and it felt good to be there. … Continue reading

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The bittersweet gift of 9/11

All of the 9/11 remembrances and tributes on FB today and have been so heartfelt and beautiful, somber and sad, yet filled with gratitude for the emergency responders. Just like everyone else, my memories of that day are crystal clear, … Continue reading

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Pete Seeger, Still Braving the Storm

Originally posted on Transition Times:
Every generation there are a few great souls that rise up so full of the sap of life that their cup brims over and carries everyone around them along with it. Pete Seeger is one…

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Introducing a fellow writer with a cat and a whimsical sense of humor…

Welcome to David Prosser! Let’s see what he has to say today. What is the title of your book? What genre? The  latest book is called Memoirs of a Superior and is in the humour genre. Anything different and the … Continue reading

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What are we waiting for? Violence and climate change in our brave new world.

Originally posted on Transition Times:
Finally, in the Sunday New York Times, a report giving empirical evidence of what we already knew intuitively, that climate change leads to violence, and that it’s going to get worse as the planet continues…

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This blog is about more than one thing.

I have a few unrelated things on my mind tonight, so this blog has no particular theme. As I have written before, I am trying to balance my awareness and worry about all the difficult problems in the world, with … Continue reading

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