This blog is about more than one thing.

I have a few unrelated things on my mind tonight, so this blog has no particular theme.

As I have written before, I am trying to balance my awareness and worry about all the difficult problems in the world, with what I also know is true – that most people are good, kind, loving, compassionate, and willing to help each other- whether friend or stranger.

So here are some blogs that reflect that spirit. I call them  GOOD NEWS Blogs.  

Jerry “Peacemaker” calls his blog The Oneness of Humanity. How could I not gravitate to it when I believe that so strongly.

The Oneness of Humanity is where everyone, everywhere on Earth is welcome. This site is dedicated solely to creating a better world for all people.

Everyday Gurus is a cool site with a Dream Vision for bloggers and the world. Here the vision:

  • We are committed to creating peace in our lives, homes, communities, and world. See Bloggers for Peace.
  • We are a community that is devoted to the pursuit of happiness through lovingkindness, gratitude, compassion, and empathy. See 5 Steps to Peaceful Resolution.
  • We strive for happiness regardless of material conditions, relationship status, or past history. Click to Re-hydrate Your Spirit.
  • We share the miracles of everyday life to inspire, instruct, and support others and ourselves. For example, Friends and Enemies.
  • We try to maintain peace of mind, equanimity, and lovingkindess at all times.
  • We try to be open to all points of view.
  • We even try to love our enemies.

Plus, this site introduced me to this really cool idea. I already think of myself as a blogger for peace, but this makes it very specific and intentional.

look what I found!

look what I found!

All of this can be found at

Here’s a blog I love to follow. I think Sheri manages to capture the beauty, magnificence and potential of all humans in every post. She is overflowing with love for humanity. She calls her blog The Other Side of Ugly and I guess that is a good name because she manages to find beauty everywhere.

Check out this page for a glimpse of what she offers.

Of course I read other blogs too and my favorites are ones that address my concerns and really make me think. Transition Times is one blog that ALWAYS makes me think and usually aligns with my concerns about the world we live in and the peril to our environment. It is written with passion and an abiding sense that we can and must make a difference.

 A Missed Opportunity – Recently someone re-blogged a post about a woman who puts out food for the homeless and/or hungry in front of her house everyday. I was so moved by this and wanted to re-blog it myself, but I didn’t do it just then. Now I can’t find it. But I just want to make sure to acknowledge this kind woman who is doing something concrete to make the world a better for place.

A Silly, Selfish, Sad Thought – I posted the first chapter of my just-released novel and only one blogger LIKED it. I don’t know if other bloggers really disliked it, or they just didn’t even see it. My higher self tells me that I shouldn’t care, but my all-too-ego filled human self is feeling disappointed.

Syria  Please pray for peace in Syria. I hope and pray that the U.S. does not use missiles to try to solve this crisis. The use of chemical weapons is abhorrent and the international community should be unequivocal in condemning it. The U.N. needs to make an all-out effort to bring an end to the civil war in Syria, but the U. S. can only complicate the situation by acting on its own. Missile strikes will result in more death and destruction. Plus, the possibility of unintended, and disastrous, consequences is strong.  I think the U.S. and other countries should take the money that they would use on military intervention and devote it to helping the refugees and the countries that are receiving the refugees. Take care of the victims and ease their suffering.

Let’s reject violence as a solution to violence. Haven’t we learned anything from Iraq and Afghanistan?  We need a new paradigm. We must work as an international community to establish a culture of peace and nonviolence. It won’t be easy, but it is possible because most of the people in the world want to live in peace. My heart is heavy thinking about the suffering in Syria. Let us not add more suffering in our quest to show that we reject the use of chemical weapons.

Here is a beautiful rendition of the Prayer of St. Francis offered to my readers in hopes of avoiding more violence in Syria.


About What a Heart Can Hold

I'm Jan Krause Greene - writer, peace activist and lover of the earth. I formed my opinions about life at an early age and they haven't really changed much since then - I believe war does not create lasting solutions, love will be the real revolution, and the human heart can expand until it holds love for the whole world. I have been a teacher, a newspaper columnist, a bank teller, a house cleaner, an executive director of a non-profit dedicated to education advocacy, a diversity trainer, AIDS activist, a group facilitator, and a waitress. Whatever it took to raise 5 kids and remain true to my values. I can't carry a tune, but I love to sing and don't know any steps, but I love to dance!
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3 Responses to This blog is about more than one thing.

  1. coastalmom says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am glad I will follow you. I actually came looking since you said you mentioned my blog today. Was it here? Not sure if I am not looking in the right place? Anywaay, so glad cuz it made me find you!

    • Oh my, how embarrassing. I can’t find it either. It must have got dropped from my cut and paste when I edited it. Oh well, more people will see it here anyway because you have a lot more followers than I do.
      What I wrote was:
      I just found this blog today and I really like it. I relate to what she says about life especially this part -I have been through divorce and remarriage, deaths and births, empty nests and financial set backs, faith ponders and revelations and a lot of other midlife crisisey stuff in-between and I am here to say that it was all survivable! Join me on my journey…. as I write one word , one page, one chapter, at a time.
      I like her attitude and her style. I can add her to my list of blogs that share good news in one way or the other!

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