A New Year’s Dream

girldreaming of tree

I had a dream of a hill with many trees – trees of every shape and size, with leaves of every color, and some with no leaves at all.

A voice in the dream told me that each of the trees had been planted by a different person and that each person watered and cared for their own tree. Each person, in fact, truly loved their own special tree. The trees were so well cared for that they grew to be large and magnificent to behold.

But in order for any tree to remain healthy, all of the trees had to be healthy. Eventually, there were times when someone was unable to care for his or her tree and it failed to thrive. As one tree became weak, other trees would also succumb.

The people who lovingly planted their trees were desperate to save them. They concentrated more and more on the health of their very special trees, hoping to save them from the fate of the weak and dying trees.

No matter how hard they tried to preserve the health of their own tree, they met with failure. More and more trees were dying.

Until …..

….. until, someone walked away from her own tree and started caring for all the trees on the hill. Gradually, as she lovingly watered each tree, even the trees that were furthest away grew healthy again.

From that day on, all of the tree planters, worked together to care for all of the trees. The trees grew to enormous size. People who could see this hill from a distance were amazed by the vibrant colors. Some even thought they saw the whole hill glowing.

Gradually, the hill of trees became known for its healing properties. People made pilgrimages to this amazing forest to be bask in its essence. They were filled with peace of mind and heart just by being there. No special prayer or ritual was necessary to make the healing occur.


When I woke up from this dream, it made so much sense to me. It was so simple, but to me it is about so many things. Not just our connection to nature and our connection to each other;  not just how the welfare of society as a whole is close related to the welfare of each individual, but also, about the peace that emanates from a place where loving care is giving freely.

Dreams are usually hard to put into words that make sense when we are awake. But this dream was so clear to me. It was a great way to start the new year.


About What a Heart Can Hold

I'm Jan Krause Greene - writer, peace activist and lover of the earth. I formed my opinions about life at an early age and they haven't really changed much since then - I believe war does not create lasting solutions, love will be the real revolution, and the human heart can expand until it holds love for the whole world. I have been a teacher, a newspaper columnist, a bank teller, a house cleaner, an executive director of a non-profit dedicated to education advocacy, a diversity trainer, AIDS activist, a group facilitator, and a waitress. Whatever it took to raise 5 kids and remain true to my values. I can't carry a tune, but I love to sing and don't know any steps, but I love to dance!
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6 Responses to A New Year’s Dream

  1. davidprosser says:

    A brilliant life lesson Jan, but what a great start to the New Year it would be if everyone chose this as a resolution. Society as a whole can only benefit when the strong help carry the weak, and is destined to fail if we don’t stop being so self absorbed and realise others need our help in order to grow.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx.

  2. Thanks so much, David. Best wishes for a beautiful 2014 for you and your family. Sending much affection to you.

  3. Thank you for sharing this. You are an inspiration to me, and I know in my heart this year holds amazing things for you. Much love soul sister. Sheri

  4. Hi soul sister,
    Using my son’s computer during a brief quiet moment while babysitting. Mine is still SICK! Thanks for the sweet comment and the lovely prediction for this year. Will this be the year your book comes out?? I am eager to see it.
    Peace and love to you!

  5. There are dreams and Dreams. 😉 That’s another theme in my books as well, actually, but for now I want to focus on fact over fiction. I started having precognitive dreams in my 20s. First few times I thought it was a coincidence. Then I started keeping a journal, to check what I watched on TV, what I read in the newspaper, etc, to see where my dreams facts were coming from. I discovered nothing that made sense, but I did write down about 27 dreams that came true within a day or so of me dreaming them. It was a start of a long and interesting journey! One i’m still on. What i’d say is that there are three types of dreams:
    1. The jumbled muddle type dream where the brain clears out all in your brain from the day/s before
    2. The strange yet familiar type dream where your subconscious uses symbolism to get a message through to you about your fears, your longings, etc
    3. The Dreams that “mean something”. Maybe precognitive, maybe a lesson or a message.

    Personally… I think you had a Dream rather than a dream. 😉

    • Michelle, I agree with you. I think it was a Dream, not a dream. It was lovely. Another Dream I had is jumping off a high cliff into water and going down very deep into the water. It felt amazingly soothing and peaceful, not scary. I rose up and broke the surface of the water and kept right on rising, into the sky. Maybe my favorite dream ever!

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