My new and improved website!

I spent this afternoon turning my blog into a website. I hope that all of you will go to it at

Since I made the first page static, I don’t think any of it will be posted the way a blog is. Actually, I’m not quite sure how a lot of it will work, so it may be a work in progress for awhile. I would really appreciate any and all comments, suggestions, questions. Tell me what you like and what you don’t like.

Here is a run down of the pages. The home page is my ABOUT page and it is static. You need to click on the other pages to see the rest of the content, including any new blogs that I post.

I now have a Books page where I talk about I Call Myself Earth Girl and the three other that are in progress. Plus, I have added a Paypal button so that you can order autographed copies directly from me. This is a good page to check now and then because some times I will be giving books away for free.

I have a Contact page and right now my contact info is in the boxes that you would fill in. I can’t figure out how to change this, but I am pretty sure that you can delete my info and add yours. If you give this a try, it would be a great help to me. I am rather technically challenged (to put it mildly). When you look at this site, you probably will not see anything that looks like it should have taken as much blood, sweat and tears as revamping this site took. Well, okay, I am exaggerating a bit…there was no blood, no sweat and no tears, but a lot of frustration, a little swearing, and a good deal of “how the #@%*&@ did that just happen?”

Of course, I still have a Blog and I hope to be able to post it without posting the entire website each time!

I now have a Loving, protecting and living on the earth page         Please check it out and add your thoughts and ideas. Today I am asking for suggestions about how to reduce plastic from our daily lives. Please add a suggestion.

My favorite new page is The great big universe within us and all around us page.

I have an information page Workshops, book clubs, and interesting opportunities.

Coming soon: News and events page

So please, check it out and leave comments with advice, criticism, whatever strikes your fancy. I hope to use this as my author website, but more than that, to engage my readers and followers in conversations about all that the heart can hold.

Just to get started, I think I will use one of the new pages as a blog post.

See you again…soon!





About What a Heart Can Hold

I'm Jan Krause Greene - writer, peace activist and lover of the earth. I formed my opinions about life at an early age and they haven't really changed much since then - I believe war does not create lasting solutions, love will be the real revolution, and the human heart can expand until it holds love for the whole world. I have been a teacher, a newspaper columnist, a bank teller, a house cleaner, an executive director of a non-profit dedicated to education advocacy, a diversity trainer, AIDS activist, a group facilitator, and a waitress. Whatever it took to raise 5 kids and remain true to my values. I can't carry a tune, but I love to sing and don't know any steps, but I love to dance!
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2 Responses to My new and improved website!

  1. Awesome and wow! Lots of work. Going over now. XO

  2. Hi Sheri,
    I have made some changes since the 18th. Most of them are detailed in my most recent post

    Thanks for having a look at all this!
    Sending you love!

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