Finding Your Voice writing workshops

I am accepting applications for my summer online and in-person writing workshops. Expressing myself through writing has been such a gratifying part of my life and has provided me with many opportunities. I would like to help others find joy and fulfillment in writing. Sometimes writing can be lonely and isolating, but it can also be a way to connect with people all over the world. It really is up to the writer!

Please share this information with anyone you think may be interested. Feel free to reblog this as a way of spreading the word.

FINDING YOUR VOICE  Writing Workshops:  

Finding Your Voice by Telling Your Story and Female Heroes as a Catalyst for Change -making a difference by finding your voice    

 Both workshops are offered online and in-person. In-person workshops are designed for groups. Online workshops can be for groups or individuals.

Finding Your Voice by Telling Your Story                                                                   The focus of this workshop is discovering your authentic voice and exploring various ways of expressing that voice, such as journaling, writing, blogging, and story-telling.

This workshop will combine personal reflection with writing prompts and warm-up  exercises. When offered to a group, it will be interactive. Participants will be encouraged to share with the group at whatever individual comfort levels allow.

Topics will include:

What is voice? Why does it matter?

Voice and personality

Voice and life experience

Voice and message

How to reclaim your voice when it  has been stifled, quieted, or stolen.

Tweeting your voice

Using your voice in daily life and in writing/performing.

Female Heroes as a Catalyst for Change -making a difference by finding your voice                                                                                                                                                    In this workshop we examine the different types of female heroes in I Call Myself Earth Girl.

What happens when you are chosen to bring a message to the world and you don’t even understand it yourself? This is Gloria’s dilemma. She exemplifies the reluctant hero who is thrust into her role against her will. Her daughter, Ella, exemplifies the outsider hero who accepts her role and its isolation. Earth Girl, the spirit who speaks to both Gloria and Ella, is a metaphor for the inner strength that allows them each to access their power to influence change.                                                                                                                               Participants will receive signed copies of I Call Myself Earth Girl. 

Using brief passages from the novel and writing prompts, participants will explore their inner gifts and their capacity to spark change through the power of story. When in a group setting, this workshop will be interactive and will, perhaps, lead to the formation of an on-going group that supports writing for social justice and environmental stewardship.

  Summer scheduling is underway now. I can come to your venue in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and parts of New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and CT.   Online workshop available throughout the summer for groups or individuals. For more info, please contact me using Contact form on website:


About What a Heart Can Hold

I'm Jan Krause Greene - writer, peace activist and lover of the earth. I formed my opinions about life at an early age and they haven't really changed much since then - I believe war does not create lasting solutions, love will be the real revolution, and the human heart can expand until it holds love for the whole world. I have been a teacher, a newspaper columnist, a bank teller, a house cleaner, an executive director of a non-profit dedicated to education advocacy, a diversity trainer, AIDS activist, a group facilitator, and a waitress. Whatever it took to raise 5 kids and remain true to my values. I can't carry a tune, but I love to sing and don't know any steps, but I love to dance!
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