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What Happens Next?

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to live through a transition of enormous significance? Would you be aware every day that radical transformation is taking place? Logic tells me that we would notice changes all around us. … Continue reading

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The bittersweet gift of 9/11

All of the 9/11 remembrances and tributes on FB today and have been so heartfelt and beautiful, somber and sad, yet filled with gratitude for the emergency responders. Just like everyone else, my memories of that day are crystal clear, … Continue reading

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you are this child – tu sei questo bambino – tu eşti acest copil

you are this child – tu sei questo bambino – tu eşti acest copil. I think (hope) that I have just re-blogged a blog by valeriu dg barbu I guess we will see what happens when I hit publish. Still … Continue reading

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  Sometime life challenges us by forcing us to accept things that just don’t make sense to us.  I experienced this in a very profound way watching close friends struggle  against terminal cancer  at the same time that my mother … Continue reading

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