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What Your Heart is Yearning For

Hi dear readers, I am going to be on vacation for about a week, but before I go, I wanted to remind you of this: What ever you are yearning for is also yearning for you! Have a great week!

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The great big universe within us and all around us

Some call it spirit. Some call it love. Some call it the universe. Some call it God. Some call it interconnectedness. To me, it is what fills the heart and soul, amazes the mind and makes us feel awe.  It … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Teacher as Transformer:
I had not heard of the poet, Clarissa Pinkola Estés, until a couple of days ago. I found her work and it is inspiring. Expanding horizons is part of life. We cannot experience or…

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A New Year’s Dream

I had a dream of a hill with many trees – trees of every shape and size, with leaves of every color, and some with no leaves at all. A voice in the dream told me that each of the … Continue reading

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If you love the ocean, now is the time to show you care.

Think for a moment about the oceans. What do they mean to you? For most of my life, I have lived less than an hour’s drive from an ocean and it gives me comfort to know that I am so … Continue reading

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you are this child – tu sei questo bambino – tu eşti acest copil

you are this child – tu sei questo bambino – tu eşti acest copil. I think (hope) that I have just re-blogged a blog by valeriu dg barbu I guess we will see what happens when I hit publish. Still … Continue reading

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Betty’s Brain

Hi all, I recently wrote a short, short story and I decided to share it with my blog readers. Please let me know what you think of it, especially if you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Betty’s … Continue reading

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  Sometime life challenges us by forcing us to accept things that just don’t make sense to us.  I experienced this in a very profound way watching close friends struggle  against terminal cancer  at the same time that my mother … Continue reading

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