The great big universe within us and all around us

Some call it spirit. Some call it love. Some call it the universe. Some call it God. Some call it interconnectedness. To me, it is what fills the heart and soul, amazes the mind and makes us feel awe.  It is that un-nameable, un-definable spark inside each of us that binds us to each other, to the past and to the future. It is what makes us appreciate beauty, grieve over loss and separation, seek love and knowledge. It is what makes us yearn and strive and reach out to those in need. It is what makes us weep when we hear stories of heroism or great compassion. It is the part in us from whence compassion emanates.  It is what allows us to have hope in the most difficult of times. It can never be adequately defined, and yet, it is the very thing that we strive to illuminate and describe through literature, poetry, music, dance, sport, the arts – all of which heighten our feelings of connection to each other, and often to the world around us.

What do you call it?

Please feel free to add a picture, a story, an idea, a hope or dream for humanity, or for your self. Let’s open this page up to the vast capacity of the human heart; to the individual and collective spirit that makes us so truly amazing.


completeness of love         all the wisdom in the world


6 Responses to The great big universe within us and all around us

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  2. Tim says:

    This is so thought provoking. Thank you!!!

  3. rshyde says:

    The soul

  4. rshyde says:

    No idea how to add a picture to this link! See, computer challenged in action!

  5. Rshyde – Yes, I thing we write about things that touch our souls and make us feel transcendence. If you could add a picture, what would you have added?

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